We're HOME!

24 January 2020 We're home. Woo hoo 🥳 Sophie's still pretty miserable with abdominal pain and swelling throughout her body, but she should improve over the next few days. She needs to be on medications at home as part of immunotherapy and then in 23 days we get to go back and do the 5 day hospital thing all over again😢.

For now it's lovely to all be home under one roof. I'm sure it won't be a restful night as i'll be up checking on Sophie every few hours, but at least i get to sleep in my big comfy bed without machines beeping all night.

31 January 2020 Today's visit to the oncology clinic was meant to be a quick one for Sophie to have blood taken from her CVC and the dressing changed. I should have known better than to think that things would run smoothly. They rarely do in the world of childhood cancer.

When the nurse was finally able to find a room free to see Sophie, her CVC wouldn't bleed back to give blood for a blood test. A medication had to be ordered, injected into her lines and left for a few hours to try to clear any clots in the line. If that didn't work the doctor would have had to leave the medication sitting in the line for 24 hours and we would have had to go back tomorrow to try again. Thankfully, at the very last minute it worked. Both her CVC lines are now clear and we can spend our weekend at home.

So 8 hours after arriving at the hospital we finally finished with our 'quick' appointment. To top off our day a down pour of rain hit as we were waiting at the traffic lights and I got soaked. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

It was a long tiring day but was nothing in the whole scheme of things. I feel blessed that at the end of the day we all got to go home together, eat take away pizza as a family and tuck our girls into their own beds. Cancer sucks but it really makes you appreciate the little things.


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