Sometimes it feels like we just can't catch a break.....

20 October 2019 This is meant to be our fun family time before chemo but poor Sophie's been struck down with what they think is a gastro virus. We spent Friday night in the women's and children's hospital for IV medications and fluids as she couldn't keep anything down. Sophie's meant to start chemo on Tuesday so we're hoping she wakes up miraculously all better tomorrow morning. If she doesn't bounce back quickly her high dose chemo and stem cell transplant may need to be rescheduled. Shes been my little koala at the moment but thankfully snuggled up in her pram and fell asleep so I was able to cook dinner.

22 October 2019 Sophie had an appointment in the wch oncology clinic this afternoon for a checkup and cvc dressing change. We got the results of her faecal sample from the other day and she has Rota virus (most likely picked up in outpatient appointments last Tuesday 😡). At least it explains why she's been so sick. Her blood tests showed she's dehydrated so we're here for 4 hours of IV fluids.

27 October 2019

Sophie finally recovered from rota virus by the end of last week, so she had a lovely weekend hanging out with family. She spent time outside, did crafts and ate lots of toast dipped in tomato sauce (her latest food craze). My back aches trying to get Sophie in and out of her cot so today we decided to put her in her 'big girl' bed. She sleeps in a bed in hospital so she happily transitioned into it here at home. We have one more day to enjoy tomorrow before we head into hospital for Sophie's high dose chemo on Tuesday morning. Really hoping things go well this time and we're in hospital for as little time as possible. We'd love for Sophie to be well enough to attend her family fun day on the 16th of November.


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