And then we see smiles that warm our heart!

27 September 2019 Our cute little panda is getting there. She's managed to eat toast and keep it down. Just need her to tolerate 10 more mls per hour of formula via her nasogastric tube, then hopefully we'll be out of here. This mama has cabin fever and is missing having her family all together.

28 September 2019 Sophie got discharged from hospital yesterday afternoon and it's been chaotic ever since. It's lovely to be home but it always takes a few days to get back into the swing of things. It's nice to all be together again but there's lots of tantrums as both girls adjust to sharing mummy again. We're happy that Sophie's doing well with eating and is only needing her nasogastric tube to top her up on fluids and help her gain weight before her high dose chemo in a few weeks time.

29 September 2019 What a beautiful day ☀. It was lovely to watch the bay to Birdwood from our front yard before heading down to a market in the local park. Sophie's cell counts are up so she was able to join Hannah and I in our outing. After such a hard 5 weeks, it was so nice to see Sophie smiling lots. Cancer sucks but it sure does make you appreciate the little things like smiles and laughter on a sunny day.


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Saturday 16 November

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